A Morning Spent at Giba Gorge

I texted “D” early in the week, “we need to do something this weekend, get some sun and exercise” I said. She agreed with me and spoke those dreaded words, “so what do you want to do”? This can go on for quite some time but fortunately inspiration struck. “How about we head down to Giba Gorge and have a picnic”?

That’s how I came to be in a long queue or cards this past Sunday, all waiting patiently to get into Giba – clearly I wasn’t the only one with the bright idea, most of Durban seemed to have the same brain storm! The queue of vehicles moved pretty quickly and only after about a 20 min wait I was in. And right behind me came “D”. Our day of fun was about to begin.

Walking to a Waterfall

Since it was still relatively early, we decided to start off by walking to the waterfall since I could certainly do with the exercise. The walk didn;t take long at all – I think it’s a 3km trail. I had brought along a pair of small binoculars since I’m bit of a birder and was hoping for some interesting sightings – alas it wasn’t to be, the birds deciding to take Sunday off it seemed.

Giba Gorge has been around for what seems like forever, I remember riding at Giba as a serious amateur some 12 years ago at least. Back then it certainly wasn’t as busy as it is now and when you rode the single track you felt like you were truly in some isolated bush. I do hazily recall Giba having a coffee shop of sort, but nothing like today.

On arrival at the waterfall we all took some snaps and then headed on back to the main park. The walk back seemed so much quicker than going to the waterfall. We did have to keep stepping to the left to allow the odd mountain biker past, but it didn’t take anything away from the walk.

One thing I will say is that Giba was busier than I have every seen it. I’m hoping that it’s a case of people realising that being out in nature is far better than visiting shopping malls and spending money on un-needed consumer goods – if anything comes out of this horrible pandemic, it’s that we don’t need bigger, brighter and newer!

A Picnic at Giba Gorge

Back at the main area, we quickly found a spot int he shade and threw open a picnic blanket and tucked into the snacks we had brought along. I’m a huge coffee fiend so I started off with a coffee purchased from the small coffee shop (delicious) and both “D” and I simply chilled out, watched the world go by and chatted about things we planned to do in the next few months.

Of course you don’t need to bring along a picnic with you. There’s a perfectly good takeaway that serves some delicious smelling pizza and chicken dishes and there is a tuck-shop that has cold drinks and sweets.

Like all good things, there came and end so we shook at the blanket, packed it all away and then departed Giba. Next time round we’ll take our bikes and give the trails a bit of a work out.

This is a really short post today only because the last few weeks have been pretty trying (more about that some other time). But I will be back to posting a little more regularly so will have a full review on Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park and all you can do there.

Until next time, stay safe and sane 🙂

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