A New Podcast Series for Travel Enthusiasts of KwaZulu-Natal

Stop the press! I have some exciting news. Ever since I started on this poorly cobbled road to creating a website dedicated to all the things you can do in and around KZN in a day trip from Durban, I’ve intended on starting a podcast. And guess what, it’s finally happening <insert very board smiling face here>!

Starting in September I’ll be hosting a one hour podcast that you can listen to live or download for later, right here on Durban Day Trips. It is one of a kind? I have no idea. Will it be fun and full of interesting places and people and facts? You betcha!

Here’s What You Can Expect on the Durban Day Trips Podcast

To start off with, I shall be inviting a guests for every show (no one wants to hear me drone on for an hour believe me) to keep me company and at the same time share their knowledge and expertise on all things travel related. I and my guests will be sharing our favorite places to visit, from walking trails to markets, favorite restaurants for Sunday lunch to romantic getaways.

It wont only be travel bloggers that will be sharing their knowledge and expertise, I also plan on inviting managers from places like PheZulu Safari Park and Gibe Gorge to share their products with us. With any luck they’ll even offer up some special offers and deals to all listeners!

I’m also in discussions with a local streaming radio show to have the podcast broadcast there which makes me both nauseous and excited at the same time – kinda like my first beer nicked from my father’s stash and shared amongst buddies (remember those days?).

Where Will This All Take Place?

I was introduced to Kate Snell by a friend and fellow blogger, Bronwyn from Unfold Durban . As it turns out Kate owns and manages “The Office 97” and she has recently added some podcasting equipment to her community workspace in Morningside – talk about a fortuitous event right?

After a brief chat with Kate we’ve agreed that we’ll be recording and streaming the podcast series from the The Office 97. Not only that, but we’ll even be chatting to a few of her regular clients about starting podcasts of their own – much excite from my side.

When Will This Amazing Series Begin?

I’m so glad you asked. The first podcast of this series will be take place on 3rd September at the Office 97 at 10am.

For now, I’ll probably stick to a bi-monthly schedule but who knows, maybe the series takes off (crossed fingers) and I’ll move to a weekly podcast.

Anything Else?

Yup, if you have a site you travel to regular and would like to shout about it, then get in touch with me and let me know all about it and we’ll give it a mention on the podcast and even take a trip to review it. In other words, share the love y’all.

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