A Virtual Durban July Race

The Durban July is being run virtually for the first time in over 100 years.

Who the hell would of thought that Africa’s premier horse race, the Vodacom Durban July would have to be run as a virtual race! Surely not the first runners in 1879 when they urged their steeds on over the marshy vlei to settle a bet right?

But, as someone said, the show must go on, pandemic or no, and so today marks the first time in history that the Durban July will be run virtually. What a time right?

The Durban July has become more than just a horse race, it’s a day of festivities marked by fashion shows and awards, music, champagne, and culminates in a bunch of nude dudes making a dash for the finishing line themselves. I can’t help but think that this day marks a real change for the July from her on in.

It just remains to be seen as to what that change will be.

Get all the details from the Vodacom Durban July website here.

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