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We live in a world that is fixated on the new and shiny, ours is a throw away culture that is slowly but surely strangling the very planet we live on! What a relief it is then, that places like Second Treasures exist, places that give pre-loved furniture a new lease on life and keeps them out our landfills, rivers and oceans.

I do my best to practice a sustainable lifestyle, recycling, buying products not made from Palm Oil and so on, so I can’t help feeling a little giddy when stumbling on businesses that seem to do the same – and for me, Second Treasures ticks that box.

Pre-Loved Furniture

You can find Second Treasures along Kassier Road; or more correctly, off Bona Terra Road which is off Kassier Road, in Assagay (Hillcrest), it’s just a kilometer or so from the M13 which makes it around a 20 min trip from Durban. To make the store even more inviting, they are right opposite the road from “Bona Terra Cafe”.

I found Second Treasures while driving home from “The Mushroom Farm“. The store just looked interesting so I thought I’d be nosy. As I drove up the short drive way and parked I saw a couple of furniture pieces in the process of being sanded and painted, nearby stood Christy the owner who invited me to have a look around.

The store is located in one of the older homes in Assagay and takes up the entire ground floor, Christy explained that she and her friendly staff had brought all the items from the top floor down to work on. It felt really appropriate that Second Treasures was located in an old home, it was kinda on target for the brand I thought.

This is one of those store you can just lose yourself in for ages; I had to keep reminding myself that I had an appointment to get to. I found loads of small items I could quite easily have taken home then and there!

Christy explained that the business had moved into the house a few years ago although Second Treasures had been around for longer than that offering a number of different services from renovating old furniture or giving old pieces much needed style updates to upholstery services. Christy also had a number of pieces on display that could be bought and delivered right away.

So What Does Second Treasures Offer?

  • They can renovate and repair furniture for you,
  • apply paint-techniques on furniture,
  • reupholster your furniture,
  • and sell antique furniture as well.

Good To Know

It’s a real pity I ran out of time, I would have loved to have explored the house / shop a bit more, I get had a very real feeling that my very own treasure awaited! I plan to head back real soon to get more information about Christy and of course more about the store!

Supporting Small and Local Businesses

If there is one thing the Covid19 pandemic should of taught us, is that small business is the foundation that will drive South Africa forward and we all need to support them. Rather than buying cheap goods from big brands, explore your local makers and support them instead. I’ve created a directory page that features makers and encourage all to support them.

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