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I met Bronwyn at a braai one night and was blown away by her enthusiasm and good vibes. She mentioned she had a website blog project and as soon as I had a moment free I dived into her website “Unfold Durban” like a man convinced of his internal powers of navigation and wont be swayed into asking for directions in spite of the fact he is so very, very lost.

I’ve subscribed to Unfold Durban because there is some really good stuff there. Check out the interview Bronwyn did with David Warby (he wrote the theme song to the Netflix series “Dark” – damn). There’s also an interview with the talented and beautiful local actress Marie Louise Erasmus; there is a lot going on with Unfold Durban.

So naturally I needed to know more and discover what made Bronny (my new nickname for her) tick. So I sent off a bunch of questions that I knew would take up oodles of her time (sorry Bronny) but would satisfy some of my curiosity, at least for now.

Can I Call You Bronny?

First off, can I call you Bronny?

Yes, you can, I think we are at that level of friendship now.;-) I go by Bronwyn, Bronny, Bee but mostly Bron! My sister calls me Binxy

Durban Day Trips is all about activities you can do in and around Durban in a day. So, running with that theme, what are your 3 favorite things to do when it’s raining in Durban? And no, you can’t stay in.

Well, I actually had a friends birthday party at Circus Circus on the beachfront and it was raining. There is something beautiful about the ocean and the rain. We turned it into somewhat of an impromptu photo shoot. I love walking around a mall,(what girl doesn’t like a little bit of shopping) and finding somewhere to go for lunch. I am an avid thrift shopper, so a visit to the Pinetown Hospice is a great idea on a rainy day! To buy a couple of second-hand books I can take home to read under a blanket with a hot coffee.

So tell me about Unfold Durban; what is it and how did it come about?

The short version is, I had been freelance writing for 12 years when my friend Taryn asked me if this was a hobby or a business. I knew I need to work harder, focus a bit more on my writing and be intentional. So In September of 2019, I started to Unfold Durban. The idea is to basically unfold the hidden beauty of Durban and showcase all it has to offer. Since then it has had a life of its own! Yes, it is a lifestyle blog but it has become somewhat of an online magazine with 25k month views and was named in the top 12 lifestyle blogs for South Africa.

I’m a huge believer in a hearty breakfast to start the day, so in nor particular order, what are your 3 favorite breakfast spots?

I have to say I am very spoilt with a hubby that makes me the best breakfasts at home. Scrambled eggs and mushrooms on home-made sourdough! Antique Cafe has a great, simple avo toast with cream cheese on sourdough bread! Bona Terra in Hillcrest is really generous with their bacon! (This girl loves her bacon and carbs!!!)They have a delectable menu, I have a few favourites from there.

A year ago I was given a slice of the most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten…ever. And it turns out your hubby makes the cakes himself and sells them on his own website, Goongalicious! Are you the official taste tester and how do I get that job?

I actually don’t have a sweet tooth and don’t usually eat cake but if I do, I will only eat Goongalicious cake! So no, I am not the official taster but my son does eat any leftover icing!

Bronwyn and partner, Goonga

I’m a huge fan of local makers, whether they be knitters, woodworkers, knife makers or model enthusiasts. What was the last product (not food) you purchased from a local maker?

I ordered these white crochet baskets from Little Amigos for my bathroom.

Networking is an important part of growing a business. How are you finding networking events post-covid19?

I used to attend networking events all the time. I tried the zoom thing in the beginning but I do find it exhausting. Then I book for an event but forget about it. So I have mostly networked on Facebook groups and on Social media.

Quick, you’re given a day off to spend anyway you want, just you, no one else – money is no object. Where would you go in KZN in and what would you do?

Indigo Fields in the midlands for sure! It is luxurious and beautiful. I would have spa treatments and lunch of course! Maybe sit in the lavender and write…

Same question as before, only it’s a day or two before payday?

The beach, I love the ocean. Take a packed lunch and a book and just lay on the sand pretending I’m on an island somewhere!

Family is important, tell us a little about yours.

I have married to a bearded hottie Goonga for 23 years. He stuck by me through many hardships and is my rock! We have 3 sons, 20, 18 and 14. My 18-year-old Ethan is on the autism spectrum, (Aspergers) It has been a challenge as many people don’t understand the difficulties we face. He is doing really well and loves cooking like his Dad. I have homeschooled for 15 years give or take! I have let them follow their own interests and taught them to be entrepreneurs who forge their own paths in life. Tirian is a musician, Barista and Graphic Designer. Ethan is going to be doing catering and Jonny loves plants and gardening and anything nature.

Challenges are said to leave us stronger and help us grow. What challenge to Unfold Durban has left you stronger?

Wow! Without going into too much detail. Be very careful who you partner with! First I started with someone that was very unprofessional and couldn’t take criticisms from a client! This is entrepreneur 101! We have to be tough-skinned! I trusted the wrong people, people who were just using me for their own gain. It is a hard lesson to learn! Another thing I learnt is you have to be authentic! No matter what you do, you cannot please everyone so just be true to yourself!

Future plans for Unfold Durban?

I am working with Coastal Radio SA to bring POP UP RADIO events to venues, hotels, pubs etc and we are working on doing Roadshows and extending into KZN. I am wanting to put together an Unfold Durban Calendar featuring some Durban businesses. I would love to do a bit more “Travel in your own city” type articles. I would love to have a print version of Unfold Durban Magazine but it looks as if print is dying out sadly! So Will just have to see.

Finally, what would be the perfect long weekend destination for you and your family in KZN?

This is difficult because we all have completely different ideas of fun! I would say “La cote d’Azur Margate” It is not too far from us, right on the beach, includes WIFI for the teenagers and cocktail bar near the pool for me. If it were up to my husband it would be something a little more rustic in the bush with no WIFI or electricity!

Thanks Bronny

Bronny (I’m sticking to her new nickname) was awesome to take the time to answer my questions. I find people and their motivations fascinating so any time I get a chance to ask questions like an interrogator with a suspect, I’m going to get stuck in!

I wish Bronny well with Unfold Durban and urge you all to follow her forthwith!

Till next time, stay safe and sane.

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