Durban International (Virtual) Film Festival

My favorite time of the year is coming round, in just a few weeks time the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) kicks off and this time, thanks to Covd19 who, like that weird dude at your party who just wont leave, this year it’ll be a virtual film festival! Actually it’s usually held in July but who is really keeping notes.

I’m a huge film buff (I may have one or two (it’s two) 1st draft film scripts in the bottom of my desk draw) and by this time of the year I have diarised a dozen or more Film Festival films that I plan to see. And it’s not all just art house type films as my friend Jason complains about (his idea of an intellectual film is Fast and Furious <sigh>), there are conservation films, surfing films – a whole mishmash that will have something to appeal to everyone!

Countdown Begins to the DIFF

The Durban International Film Festival has been around for 40 years and showcases the talents of mostly African film makers. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Durban as well with loads of international visitors making their way to the various theaters around Durban as they have a look at the talent on offer. I remember around 4 maybe 5 years ago when I had a group of Americans on a safari tour – they had arrived in Durban specifically for the film festival, they were talent scouts (exciting right!). I’ve also been lucky enough to take film crews and actors from Norway, Scotland and Japan on city tours – all here because of the DIFF.

According to the write up on the Durban International Film Festival, there will be 50 films being shown this year over the 10 days. It’s still early days and so we wont know what the lineup is until 31 August and personally I’m a little in the dark as to how it’s all going to work – but it’s best to follow the DIFF Facebook page as their website is really short on details.

Where To Get More Information

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