The Cotswold Downs Christmas Market

So you’re thinking to yourself, where can I get some Christmassy (yes, it’s a word) goodies, chill with friends and be able to enjoy tranquil surroundings at I enjoy coffee and cake? Well? Any ideas? Ok, let me help you out a bit.

Take a drive through to Hillcrest and then head along Inanda road towards Waterfall. Along the way, on the left, you’ll see a gold course, an undulating beast of a course I might add. At the traffic lights, turn left and head towards the main gate of “Cotswold Downs”.

Hand the friendly security personal your drivers license (I have no idea why, it’s a pain in the butt and I find the whole practice objectionable, but they wont let you in if you don’t) and follow their directions to the club house at Cotswold Downs.

And then boom! You’ve arrived, Jump out the car, don’t forget your mask and santize like your life depended on it (coz it kinda does these days) and head into the market which houses some of the coolest goodies I’ve yet to see – it’s all pretty awesome.

A little history

So the first thing I should point out, is that there is no history, at least not that I know of. I happened to see an Instagram post by the grand-master wizard of cake bakers, Goongalicious, and since I would gladly sell my first born for some of his delicious cakes, I hurried on through.

I am sure that there is a history though. I did ask an organiser (thanks Jenna) if I could take some photo’s as I ambled about the place (and she said yes in case you were wondering) but I hadn’t gone with the intention of turning the outing into a blog post – I’m kinda disorganized like that.

Anyways, here’s the skinny.

There is loads of goodies on display. And quite a few people for a Friday afternoon. Now, I took a few photo’s and a handful of cards, but I didn’t do my usual tell me everything Spanish inquisition – I’ll admit that part of the reason was the desire to find the Goongalicious table and bury my face into a chocolate cake.

The market is open right until Sunday (that’s this weekend, the 15th). It’s being held at the Cotswold Downs Estate club house in Hillcrest. It’s free entry. It’s wonderful, it’s awesome, and I wish I took more time to explore.

Here’s an update: Because this was a spur of the moment deal, I had no real information on the market opening times and that sorta thing, but I managed to find out that the market is open Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and the same on Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

As an added treat, if you hang about after 4pm on the Saturday, you get to be a bit by a local musician (don’t ask me who, I have no idea).

Some photo’s I took to justify the eating of delicious cake

Some of the stall holders

There were definitely a couple of fantastic stalls I saw (actually, they were are pretty damn awesome) and I was able to ask for some business cards.

  • Living Eco – What caught my eye here was their safety razors! I use an old Lion one and I would love to upgrade to one of theirs; let’s face it, the world could do with far less plastic right now, and the plastic disposable razors are a big part of the problem. Anyways, check out their website here.
  • Mismatch – Some really cute (can I say that even though I’m a guy?) jewellery. I’m not big into jewellery as such, I only wear a watch, but I could imagine some very happy ladies (and gents for that matter) if they were on the receiving end of a a gift from Mismatch. They have a Facebook site here.
  • Nisbears – My mom Lynn made teddy bears as a hobby for years and years and so I know just how much work goes into them. And these are so amazing! Check out their Facebook page here.
  • Vanessa Mayhew Creative – Now this stand was amazing. Picture chopping boards that have been half-diped into a swirl of melted crayons and you’ll sort of the get the picture of what she makes and sells – amazing! Her site can be found here.
  • Lulubee – There was not one of their skin care and health products that I would not buy. They all looked good and they are heathly for you! What more could you possibly want? Check out their site here.

Now that was just the tiniest slice of what was on offer (what makes you think my mind is still on cake?) and the place was humming along, really busy for a Friday afternoon. I would have to say that if you’re looking for some extra special gifts this festive season, get your butts to the Cotswold Downs Market (or whatever they calling it).

Cotswold Downs

A landscape photograph of the Cotswold Downs gold estate featuring some houses and golfers.
Here is a gorgeous picture of Cotswold Downs that I nicked off their website – here’s the link (please don’t sue me).

I’ve never actually been inside Cotswold Downs during the day (the night-time visits are for another story) but it looks amazing! Hard to image this whole site was once a sugar cane farm, well not anymore.

Here’s an idea, if you’re a golfer, suggest to your significant other they go shopping at the market and then you can go wait for them on the golf course!

Anyways, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, this is it 🙂

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