The Kloof Project

So just outside of Durban lies the ever green suburb of Kloof. It’s a beautiful area that also counts the Kranzkloof Nature Reserve as part of it’s attractions. Thing is, like so many suburbs around South Africa, it has some aging urban structures that may not be particular pleasing to the eye in this day and age.

The Kloof Project is an organizaation that sesks to just keep Kloof looking her best. It’s not an easy task and for the most part it’s thankless, and that probably the bulk of their work goes unnoticed – after all, how many times have you seen a flowerbed and wondered to yourself who did that?

Well if you’re in the Kloof area, and the flower beds you just spotted looking organized and free of weeds are next to the road and on the verges, well chances are the Kloof project had their hands in it somewhere along the line.

But, it’s not only flowerbeds and forgotten street pole posters they are tackling! The organization decided to do something about the support structures of the “Elizabeth Bridge” near Stokers. They figured those black concrete pillars looked a little like blank canvasses and damn if that wasn’t an opportunity!

Giffy Dumini

The Kloof Project reached out to local artist “Giffy” and offered him an opportunity to graffiti the hell outta the walls (not their words but you get the idea) and like a fat man at a buffet (I can say that I’m fat) he was all in.

Pretty soon the sweet sounds of aerosols expunging paint echoed under the bridge and day was transformed into night!

Slowly but surely images of birds and frogs, a fish and butterflies emerged from the darkened spaces into the light, and what a difference! It’s amazing to see Giffy do his thing and as someone who barely manages stick figures, I am in awe at what talented fellows like Giffy can do.

Cays Designs

A shout out to Zane of Cays Designs who shot and edited the footage. A really talented videograpaher who you should be using! Check out his website for more info on how to get hold of him. And if you want more information in he Kloof Project, check out their Facebook page. Want to get hold of the artist Giffy, add a comment below and I’ll send you his details.

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