A New Focus for 2021

I can’t remember when last I sat down and wrote a blog post here on Durban Day Trips, the last year has been a roller coaster of epic proportions, though not the type of coaster anyone would choose to ride! I’ve spent the last 10 years as a tour guide taking foreigners on trips around South Africa. My work time has been filled with chilled game drives, exploring local haunts, camping, fishing and so on. With the collapse of the tourism industry here in South Africa, I like many of my fellow guides, have had to rethink my future a bit.

The Future of Durban Day Trips

I originally envisaged Durban Day Trips as being my own little travel journal that others would possibly find useful. I called the site “Durban Day Trips” since at the time, most accommodations products were closed, and so day trips from Durban were all you could do.

Times have changed and now the accommodation sector is once again up and running and now site name seems a bit limiting. Fact is I love camping, so why shouldn’t I include a camping section? I also enjoy fishing, and exploring and hiking and so on.

Having mulled this over for quite a while I’ve decided to leave things as they are; the name shall remain the same even though I will be including overnight and longer trips.

New Topics and Trips

Another change that readers will notice, is an expansion of the types of trips and topics that come up. I’ve always been an avid surf fly-fisherman and see no reason why I can’t write about my experiences here. Same goes with hiking and camping.

I’m also one of those people who “live to eat” (as opposed to eat to live) and why not then feature a few handy camping recipes.

Another topic that will come up as time goes by is gear reviews. I’m a huge believer in minimalism, I like to only carry exactly what I need, no more no less; I also have no problem spending a little more in exchange for quality. So why shouldn’t my thoughts on the subject of gear not be expressed widely here as well.

The Newsletter

It’s time to admit the newsletter was a dismal failure. I had so many individuals sign up (thank you, thank you, thank you!) but I think sent out only two newsletters throughout the short existence of this site (I blame covid). So although I had high hopes for the newsletter, it’s time to flush that dead fish down the nearest toilet and move on.

Having said that, when things improve and time permits, I will once again resurrect the newsletter so just be warned!

Some Upcoming Posts to Excite

I have some fantastic plans for trips over the next few months. Here’s some of the ideas going forward;

  • A day trip to the Bushman Paintings in the ‘Berg.
  • An overnight camping trip to Salt Rock (gonna get stuck into some fishing).
  • A weekend trip to some of the obscure battlefield sites in KZN.
  • A mid-week camping break in Port Edward.
  • A mountain-bike trip up Sani Pass (we turning that into a group thing, so will be offering spots – more closer to the date).
  • A night or two in the tented camp in Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve.
  • A weekend camping at St Lucia.

There is a lot on this list and there will be a lot more to come thanks to the fact that KZN has some of the best holiday destinations you can find in South Africa. And hopefully you’ll come along for the ride.

The images used in this post

The images shown in this post all come from the website Unsplash.

  • Mountain biking image by Alexandra Dech.
  • Hiking image by Austin Ban.
  • Camping image by Tegan Mierle.
  • Fishing image by Will Walker.

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