Hey. My name is Shelldon Wells and I started this website in June of 2020 (what a time to start anything right!). I’m a qualified tour guide based in Durban and was pretty busy with showing Durban off to tourists but when Covid19 rolled into town, my work melted away faster than a soft-serve icecream on a beachfront summer day.

Rather than sit around fretting about the future, I had an idea. “What if” I thought to myself one nippy Durban morning, “there was a website where locals and other visitors could see at a glance all the awesome things there are to do in Durban”?

You see, as a tour guide, everyone naturally assumes I know what’s happening in Durban all the time – I get emails and phone calls from so many people asking about this and that. “You’re a guide” they say, “surely you know what we can do on a Sunday afternoon?”

Fact is, I do have a pretty good idea of places to visit and things to do. So the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I should share here, on the interwebs. And so, after a very short labor, Durban Day Trips was born.

What exactly is Durban Day Trips?

Glad you asked, it’s simple really. Durban Day Trips is sort of a directory of all the fantastic places and sites you can visit from Durban on a day trip.

Thinking about what to do this weekend? The kids driving you crazy with “I’m bored!” or maybe family visiting and the last thing you want to do is entertain? Well hopefully by visiting my website and checkout the options available, you’ll find something to tick all the boxes. Not only will I write about specific sites to visit, but I’ll also details about what’s nearby so that you can plan a full day trip out.

There is a “but” coming though (could you feel it?); but, Durban Day Trips is a personal project and so although I’ll keep it as up to date as I can, fact is it’s always best to call ahead to your site of choice to make sure they’re open and all the rest.

In time, I have a hope that Durban Day Trips will become everyone’s first port of call before calling me at 6am in the morning because your aged aunt suddenly rocked up at your doorstep and you’d rather walk over crushed glass than spend the entire Sunday having her inspect your house work, which let’s be honest, is probably a little lacking but what the hell, it’s your mess and you’re happy but still, you need to to get out for the day.

Want Your Business Featured or Added?

The whole point of Durban Day Trips is to feature sites and experiences within a day’s trip from Durban. If your business fits that profile, if you’re open to the public and you want a mention on my site (and I hope you do) then feel free to either use the convenient contact form below or visit my contact page to get in touch.