I get asked a few of the same questions time after time and instead of replying to them via email constantly, I’m just going to list them here in no particular order. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, then by all means get in touch via my contact page.

Q. What is this Durban Day Trips? A personal blog or some kind of yellow pages?

A. Good question. It’s a personal project, so I guess a personal blog. But who knows, with a little luck, hard work and support, Durban Day Trips will become the number 1 lifestyle/events/what to do blog in the history of mankind. Or, more likely, 10 people will like it and never see it again. Either which way, I like it and so does my Mom. Check out the “About Page” for more info.

Q. Why?

A. As a tour guide, I rely on international tourists to book me to show them around South Africa. Since that is not going to happen for some time (some say a year) I need to keep busy. This is one way in which to ensure my brain does not turn to mush.

Q. What is the “directory”?

A. As i write about the different day trips I’ve done or plan to do, I thought it would be great idea to keep a directory of the actual sites – so for example, have all the details on PheZulu from what you can do there to how to get in touch with them. I needed a page to list them all, and the directory page is for that.

Q. How do I get get my / our product onto your directory site?

A. Send me an email and I’ll do my best to get out to your site/experience. If I can’t get to it, you’re welcome to send me a write up of your site. Just be aware I may have a million questions for you to ensure my posts are useful for readers.

Q. Are you selling day trips?

A. Nope, at least not yet. This site is more about the places you and your friends or family can visit in a day from Durban. At the time of writing accommodation providers were unable to offer overnight or longer stays due to the regulations of lockdown levels 5 to 3. But, I have been asked if I would be open to taking small local groups out – this is something I may consider for the future, but not right now.

The Newsletter

Q. What is the newsletter about?

A. Once a week, usually on a Thursday (I’m a little bit slack so I might send the newsletter a day late) I send out a simple newsletter that lists a few things;

  • Reviews of experiences and attractions from the week previous,
  • Ideas on what’s happening over the next week,
  • New day trip itineraries,
  • Ideas for get-togethers,
  • Specials from our advertisers (if there are),
  • Details of any competitions.

Q. Can I advertise in the newsletter?

A. Sure. It’s best that you contact me and I can send you all the relevant details. Either visit my contact page or scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the contact form.

Q. I signed up, but now I want out. How do I unsubscribe?

A. I use a 3rd party service to manage signups. At the bottom of every email sent out you should find an “unsubscribe” link – click on it and you should be set. But before you do, could I ask you to be a dear and tell me why you’re opting out? Please and thank you.

More FAQ’s To Come

I’m pretty sure that in the days, months and hopefully years to come, I’ll get asked more questions that will apply to everyone. So as it happens, I’ll continue to add them here to my FAQ. If in the meantime this FAQ has been unhelpful, please use the contact form below and get in touch.

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